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NFL Says:

A quarter of players will end up with brain problems.

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Best Comment Section of the Week .

What Was That Strange Streak Of Light In The Bay Area.

 Read More. Vid + Pics

Richard Branson.

Failure to deliver on $3bn climate change pledge.

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Artificial Micro-human Farm .

Available in 2017 for Testing by the FDA and other Agencies.

 Read More Here. Pics

New Body Odor Tests for Cabbies .

Cabbies Cry Foul.

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’1 Minute Parking’ .

Whatever you need, make it quick!

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Hacker News.

Large amount of News Links.

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Indian teen is worshipped because he has a seven inch TAIL.

Local people believe their wishes will come true if they visit him.

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A Guy calls 911 for help during his home invasion.

And gets the Voice Mail Message.

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Waiting in line for a week now for the New Jordans.

Receiving free Panera and the cops stop by.

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Mother Was Arrested for Assaulting Three Year Old Kid.

The Child Microwaved Her Cell Phone.

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What!! Principle of School was Arrested.

2 class B felony counts of arson.

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Deadly Train Wreck.

8th Grader Takes on Train to Retrieve a Dropped Cellphone .

 Read The Details Here.

Truck crashes into Vegas grocery store .

A woman drove her truck about 80 yards and ended up in the frozen food section.

 Many Pics Here.

Dealership offers 'Free Shotguns for buying Pickup Trucks'.

A Minnesota Dealership has a 'Powerful Sales Promotion'

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Man Attempts to Retrieve Cell Phone From House Fire!!

Only 1 in 10 peole make it back out alive.

 Find Out If He Got It.

“You have no rights,” the officer said.

View video here.

2013 Was A Record Setting Year!

How many people commited suicide off the Golden Gate Bridge last year?

Was it 19  or  46  or  83  or  112 successful suicide jumps off the Golden Gate in 2013?


The "Top 4" Activities That Increase Your Happiness Levels.

Surprisingly, Jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge is not on the list.

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I Can Haz Isreal Trip.

Bibi, Merkel Photo causes stir on social media sites.

 See The Whole Picture.

Amazon Considers Price Hike for "Amazon Prime"

Read the article here.

Sign up for Amazon Prime now! or Try the Free Trial Membership

You get plenty of value if you sign up now before the price hike happens.
They will probably let anyone that has already signed-up stay at that rate until it is time to re-up.

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