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Published on 03/09/014 - Rating 4 out of 5 stars by 316 Visitors

The Owner of the highly popular Tracfone telephone company, Carlos Slim, Is being pressured by the Mexican Government. The Mexican Governments concerns are not that of being the number one supplier of 'Obama-Phones' to the United States of America, but that of Slim running Mexican Businuss Monopolies in the fields of Telecommunications and Television in Mexico. It is likely that the current 4% drop in Slim's wealth is not acceptable for him and will try to gain the revenues back before the 2014 year is out. The unknowns are if Slim will turn to Reducing Tracfone Promotions and Promo Codes or raising Prices or achieving the gains with other new ventures is anybody's guess right now. Your Best Bet if you are interested getting great tracfone rates is to buy a 'Triple Minutes for Life' phone now before the prices rise on the hand sets or tracfone rolls back to the 'Double Minutes for Life' phones. It appears that tracfone promocodes are not going anywhere soon and will be available for years.


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