September 22 - 28

New Zombie Survival Store Opens Up Shop in Florida

Everything a customer could need for an undead apocalypse. See The Stores Page

What The F... is a Bit Coin?

Yeah I didn't really know either. Find Out Now

fanboys And fangirls?

Find out if you are one.  lifehacker-Text    See The Video

Free Game Of The Week.

This is a full release of Hubris, a short, atmospheric game like Dear Esther or The Funeral. There is no interaction or narrative,
simply a world to absorb and (Mr. Tinkernut Hopes) emotions to experience.    Play It Here

Don't bother trying to get in. The Club Is Full.

This will be a 'Refresher Course' for some of you guys about the 27 CLUB. The 27 Rockers That Died at Age 27.;    Read More Here

Taylor Mathes, SCHOOL OFFICIALS, Motorhead England, HOODIE, gang-related?

"I wore my Motörhead England sweat shirt to school and I was sent to the office because of the [Snaggletooth] logo on the front...."
Lemmy Reaches Out to the Young Fan     Read More Here -- See His Pic.


Its on 'Autoplay' until sunday so, Get Ready To Rock Right Now!!


Irony, Oldest American Firehouse Burns Down.

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Firefighters had to turn their water hoses on their own building.    Read More Here

Woman enters half-marathon, ends up winning full marathon by mistake.

She hoped to do it as a test run..    Read More Here

Americas Cup. The Rubber Match!

Oracle Team USA has done what had seemed an impossible comeback from 8-1 down in a thrilling final race decider.    Read More Here

Scare in the Middle of the Air.

This is your Captain and the Co Pilot, Sleeping!  Zzzzz. Zzzzz. Zzzzz.    Read More Here

Heimlich Maneuver Fail ! 

After the Heimlich maneuver failed, he called out for a knife, quickly made an incision, and used a pen for a breathing tube.    Read More Here

Mandatory Sterilization For Pit Bulls. 

A public safety ordinance mandating sterilization for pit bulls.   Read More Here

The Prombron Iron Diamond Armored Vehicle. 

It can withstand armor-piercing bullets and is outfitted with run-flat tires and a sealed ventilation system.   Read More Here

Man Grows Nose on His Forehead! 

He decided to “grow” a second nose.   Read More Here

The America’s Cup. Historic Comeback. 

Oracle Team USA, once way behind, has tied the series to force a winner-take-all race on Wednesday. Read More Here

Venezuela —  Orders the takeover of a toilet paper factory. 

CARACAS (Reuters) - A Venezuelan state agency on Friday ordered the temporary takeover of a factory that produces toilet paper in what it called an effort to ensure consistent supplies after embarrassing shortages earlier this year. Read More Here

Robots Revolutionizing China's Electronics Manufacturing. 

A new wave of industrial robots is in development, ranging from high-end humanoid machines with vision, touch and even learning capabilities, to low-cost robots vying to undercut China's minimum wage.   Read More Here