September 29 - October 05

Payton Manning Out for the Season
due to career ending injury!!

Will the broncos still make the SuperBowl?
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Scare in the Middle of the Air. II

The follow up story to last weeks story, 'Scare in the Middle of the Air', is even more shocking than before. Read More Here

New Commercial Supply Space Ship
Delivers to the Space Station

NASA's newest delivery service made its first-ever shipment to the International Space Station on Sunday Read More Here


Proving that tomatoes and potatoes can be grown as one. Read More Here

Bear quickly leaves a bar after bartender yells at it to leave

If only all unwelcome bar guests were this obliging Read More Here

Police Baffled by
Abandoned Gold Bars

The story wont be given away here..
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12-year-old boy suspended for bringing 2-inch gun keychain

Part of his story is - He Won it at the Local Arcade. View The Image - Read More Here

Did You Know: The Cost of a NYC Inmate is Almost The Same
as an Ivy League Tuition

The report found the city's 1 Year cost per inmate was equal to.... How many years of college?
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