November 03 - 09

Arrested for an overdue library book

Had the book thrown at him when he failed to return an overdue study guide.
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End of Daylight Saving = Headaches for some

Doctors say the time change can cause cluster headaches that can last as long as eight weeks.
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Officers drive semi-trucks to catch drivers texting

Dozens of drivers were ticketed during day one of the two-day sweep in Knoxville.
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Cody McCormick vs Brandon Mashinter

hockeyfightsdotcom - Oct 31, 2013 Read More Here

Goalie Fight November 2013

Wayne Simmonds fights Tom Wilson, Ray Emery skates the length of the ice and .... November 2013 Read More Here

Coast to Coast in under 29 hours

Mercedes CL driver sets new record by averaging 98mph.
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Coast Guard Comments On Mysterious Google Barge

Coast Guard Comments On Mysterious Google Barge obtained details about the barges and who owns them.
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Today in History for October 29

Wall Steet Lays An Egg!!
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