November 24 - 30

NFL: Fan Jumps From 3rd Level

With Sacrifice,
Bystander Saved Life.
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China: Villages Disapear

'Killed off hundreds of thousands'.
How Long Will The Trend Continue
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NY: Bad Bad Mayor 

DUI Arrest & Racist Rant
Volunteer firefighter Snitched?
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Womens Rights: Afghanistan

Plans To Start
Public Stoning Again
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Internet: Mystery Post

Has The Worlds Brightest Baffled
Welcome to the World of Cicada 3301
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Birth Control
Plan B Weight Limit
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Plea: Guilty

A Wind Farms Plea To Charges
of Environmental Laws
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Follow Me On Twitter

Twitter Bots
Influencing Trending Topics and More..
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Employees Strike in Germany
1 Day Warning
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Just Nuts: Hazing Ritual

Victim Loses Testicle
Wilmington College in Ohio
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Student Loan Profits:

Federal Government Makes $ Billions
Only 2 Companies Make More Profit
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Entire Soccer Team Robbed
Teens Had Sawed Off Shotgun
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Cigarette Smoking Dangers:

Nashville: Country Singer Shot Dead
Bar Owner Says 'It Was Self Defense'
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Rich Cats:

2 Cats Receive CEO's Inheritance
Entire Estate & $250,000 for 'Care'
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No Confederate Flags On Trucks
"He hit me first."
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Solar Cycle 24
Quieter Than Expected
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Cops Go 'Nuclear'

100 New Traffic Cams at Stop Signs
Automated Traffic Enforcement Program.
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Cops: On Duty Rape

Detecs Pulled Him Over Around 2 A.M.
San Antonio
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Santa Shames Early Shoppers

Using a Megaphone, Calls them Parasites. Read More Here

Video 2

Zombies In America

Man Films Shopping Frenzy.
Zombie Plague Sweeps America: Video Proof? Read More Here

Black Friday Savings Are a Hoax

U.S. shoppers on the whole will be paying more over the next few weeks than they do the rest of the year.
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Grinch: X-Mas Trees Stolen

More than 50 trees
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New Zombie Survival Store Opens Up Shop in Florida

Everything a customer could need for an undead apocalypse.
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Chinese man suing wife
over ugly baby
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