Weekly Lite Report for December 15 - 21

New: Beer Concentrate

Just Add Water, Carbonate, and Enjoy.
Pat's Backcountry Beverages

Invasion: New York

Should NOT be in 'Their Neighborhood'
Angry Upper West Side Locals

TRASH!: Ups Delivered

Gave Specific Directions for Delivery
Garbage Man Took Daughter's Gift

tiny: $11,000

She built her own tiny house.
Opted out of Paying Rent or a Mortgage

Mystery: 'King Bozo'

Leaves strange homemade gifts
Documenting on his Tumblr Account

Obsession: 22 TATTOOS

Miley Cyrus fan covers his body
40 Yr Old's Tats 'creeped out' Miley

Seventeen: Humanoids

Evaluation for $2million on Fri and Sat
Most Sophisticated Robots that 'Exist'

Happy: Syrian Snowfall

Snowballs in Syria
Building snowmen in the shelled streets

Cool Kat: Acrobatic

Facing winter in a British zoo
Enjoys the heat from his new perch

Big O vs Little O

Half-brother's autobiography
I was too white and he was too black.

Pet: Squirrel

Rescued and Raised a Flying Squirrel
Named 'Biscuit', It plays with the dog.

WOW: Pics

It a Little Boat,
And a Big Whale.

Mercedes Benz: Sold

Charlie Sheen buys new car
for Brett Rossi. Who is He??

4 Sale: Pimp Built

Gaudiest, Strangest and Smelliest
Bargain price of $1.3 million.

Life Line: $5

New law for life line users.
$5 per month for 500 minutes.

Pics: Awe Inspiring

Abandoned Belgium Mansion
Found by Urban Explorer

TV: Curved

Concave television screen
50 Times Sharper than HDTV

TV: Planet Mars

The Red Planet Channel
Live Streaming Footage