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Free Minutes Hack ~ Email Tricks

Free Minutes Hack ~ Email Tricks

How to make free calls and text messaging with a tracfone 2014

It is easy to make free calls with an Android Tracfone Phone.
The key to taking advantage of this loop hole is accessing the internet with Free Wi-Fi Connection.
Without the Free Wi-Fi it is impossible to do.

So on with the tutorial. First we'll get started with free texting Capabilities.
Step by Step Directions.

•Power up your Android Tracfone.
•Go to an area that you have access to the internet via Wi-Fi. There are many places that have free Wi-Fi these days. A good example is any Walmart, Walgreens, or Mc Donalds.
•Connect your Android Tracfone Phone to the Wi-Fi System. (Not Your Data Connection for non Wi-Fi.)
•Once connected to the internet, you need to go to your E-mail Account. You can use your email from any e-mail provider.
•Create a message. Any message will do for Testing. A good test message text can be any thing. I use "Test Messaging" for the message.
•Ok now it has to be sent somewhere, right. So enter the telephone number you want to send it to.
•Additionally you will need the telephone company's suffix or prefix to that number
Her is a suffix for AT&T Image Message.
•For Text only the Suffix for AT&T is different.
•Note you can only use one or the other not both at one time.
•There is no need to fill in the subject line. The Message will be sent anyways.
•Now you can send your message and your recipient should get it in no time flat.

The various telephone companies have different prefixes and Suffixes for messaging.
An easy way to find out what the telephones Email address is, Is to have the desired phone contact your email first.
That way your mail account will read it out to you exactly and all you need to do then is Send a message to that account number/name.
For more on how to find out what addition info is need you can turn to a website specializes in telephone number email suffixes.
There are a few of them out there and they all don't cover every phone. so might have to search a while to find your needed info.

Here are a few links that are handy.

How to determine what service provider is associated with a certain telephone number.

Use this link to view the informational article that covers the topic of How to determine what service provider is associated with a certain telephone number


Please note that some of these gateways do not use hyphens between the numbers.

Here are some Common Suffixes for major US Telephone Carriers.

• Alltel:
• AT&T:
• T-Mobile:
• Virgin Mobile:
• Sprint:
• Verizon:
• Nextel:
• US Cellular:

US & Canadian Carriers

•3 River Wireless

•ACS Wireless



•Bell Canada

•Bell Canada

•Bell Mobility (Canada)

•Bell Mobility

•Blue Sky Frog

•Bluegrass Cellular

•Boost Mobile

•BPL Mobile

•Carolina West Wireless

•Cellular One

•Cellular South

•Centennial Wireless


•Cingular (Now AT&T)



•Corr Wireless Communications


•Edge Wireless


•Golden Telecom


•Houston Cellular

•Idea Cellular

•Illinois Valley Cellular

•Inland Cellular Telephone



•Metrocall 2-way

•Metro PCS


•Midwest Wireless





•PCS One

•President's Choice

•Public Service Cellular


•Rogers AT&T Wireless

•Rogers Canada


•Southwestern Bell



•Surewest Communicaitons






•US Cellular

•Solo Mobile



•Surewest Communicaitons





•US Cellular

•US West


•Virgin Mobile

•Virgin Mobile Canada

•West Central Wireless

•Western Wireless

International Carriers

•Chennai RPG Cellular

•Chennai Skycell / Airtel


•Delhi Aritel

•Delhi Hutch

•DT T-Mobile

•Dutchtone / Orange-NL



•German T-Mobile

•Goa BPLMobil

•Golden Telecom

•Gujarat Celforce

•JSM Tele-Page

•Kerala Escotel

•Kolkata Airtel


•Lauttamus Communication


•Maharashtra BPL Mobile

•Maharashtra Idea Cellular

•Manitoba Telecom Systems





•Mobility Bermuda

•Mobistar Belgium

•Mobitel Tanzania

•Mobtel Srbija


•Mumbai BPL Mobile





•O2 (M-mail)

•One Connect Austria


•Optus Mobile


•Orange Mumbai

•Orange NL / Dutchtone


•P&T Luxembourg

•Personal Communication (put the number in the subject line)

•Pondicherry BPL Mobile



•Satelindo GSM


•SFR France

•Simple Freedom

•Smart Telecom

•Southern LINC

•Sunrise Mobile

•Sunrise Mobile

•Surewest Communications


•T-Mobile Austria

•T-Mobile Germany

•T-Mobile UK

•Tamil Nadu BPL Mobile

•Tele2 Latvia

•Telefonica Movistar



•Telia Denmark


•TSR Wireless



•Uttar Pradesh Escotel


•Vodafone Italy

•Vodafone Japan

•Vodafone Japan

•Vodafone Japan

•Vodafone UK


Old US & Canadian Carriers (Most Are Depreciated)

•Advantage Communications

•Airtouch Pagers


•Ameritech Paging

•American Messaging

•Ameritech Clearpath

•Arch Pagers (PageNet)


•AT&T Free2Go


•AT&T Pocketnet PCS


•Bell Atlantic

•Bell South

•Bell South (Blackberry)

•Bell South Mobility

•Cellular One (East Coast)

•Cellular One (South West)

•Cellular One

•Cellular One

•Cellular One

•Cellular One

•Cellular One (West)

•Central Vermont Communications


•Communication Specialists

•Cook Paging

•Corr Wireless Communications

•Digi-Page / Page Kansas

•Galaxy Corporation

•GCS Paging

•GrayLink / Porta-Phone




•Infopage Systems

•Indiana Paging Co



•Mobilecom PA

•Morris Wireless




•Pacific Bell


•PageMart Canada

•PageNet Canada

•PageOne Northwest

•PCS One


•Price Communications




•RAM Page

•SBC Ameritech Paging

•Skytel Pagers

•ST Paging

•Verizon Pagers

•Verizon PCS


•WebLink Wireless

•WebLink Wireless

•West Central Wireless

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